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Celebrating an 86.2% Return Rate
Posted: June 21, 2017

The beverage container return rate reached 86.2% in 2016, one of the highest return rates in North America and up from 85% in 2015. That significant accomplishment helps solidify Alberta’s reputation as a leader in beverage container recycling world-wide. Other highlights contained in the 2016 Annual Report, released at the BCMB’s Annual General Meeting on June 21, include:• The opening of two new depots - the Winterburn Bottle Depot in west Edmonton and the Walden Bottle Depot ...

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What is a mystery shopper audit?

All Alberta bottle depots are part of our Mystery Shopper program. A mystery shopper audit is a way for the BCMB to ensure that depots are providing accurate refunds to consumers. A “mystery shopper” will return bottles to a depot. They will then report to the BCMB and the depot on the refund they received, and whether the refund was correctly calculated and paid by the depot. Depots are promptly advised of the results of mystery shopper audits.

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