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The Beverage Container Recycling Regulation (BCRR) and the recently approved Beverage Container Registration By-law require that all ready-to-serve beverage containers sold in Alberta be registered with the BCMB. Registration ensures that containers are recyclable and accepted at all depots for a refund of the deposit paid at the time of purchase (a minimum of 10 cents for containers one litre and under or a minimum of 25 cents for containers over one litre). Failure to register containers can result in fines of up to $500,000 for a corporation or up to $50,000 for an individual. Unregistered products can also be removed from store shelves.

The regulation also requires containers to be labelled in such a way that the type of beverage is easily identifiable (even when the container is empty) and it is clear the container can be returned for a refund of the deposit paid when purchased.

All containers registered in Alberta can be found in the searchable beverage container database.

For more information on beverage container registration requirements, click here.

Your product will not be registered until the registration process is completed online and the beverage container is approved by the BCMB. 

For detailed insturctions on how to create a Registrant Account and how to register your beverage container, please see the Beverage Container Registration Portal User Guide

To obtain login credentials and begin the container registration process, click here.

Registrants (manufacturers) must also complete a Participation Agreement with the collection system agent – the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC). For information on this process, contact the ABCRC at 403-264-0170 Ext. 235 or 1-800-267-4130 (toll-free).

If for some reason you cannot complete the registration process online, please contact our Product Registration department to have a product registration package sent to you.

Phone: 780-424-3193 ext. 221 or 1-888- 424-7671 (toll-free)