Refund Accuracy

The BCMB works closely with Alberta bottle depots to ensure that the refunds they are providing are as accurate as possible. One way refunds are monitored is through mystery shopper audits. A “mystery shopper” (members of community groups that partner with the BCMB) will return bottles to your depot. They will then report to the BCMB and the depot on the refund they received, and whether the refund was correctly calculated and paid. The BCMB supplies each depot with a detailed follow-up report.

The BCMB also conducts regular depot inspections to ensure depots are meeting the standards set for them by the BCMB such as: cleanliness, signage and posting of hours.

Retail inspections are also conducted to ensure that products being sold to Albertans are properly registered and deposit amounts are being advertised.

For more information on the mystery shopper program or depot and retail inspections, please contact us.