Celebrating an 86.2% Return Rate

Posted on: June 21, 2017

The beverage container return rate reached 86.2% in 2016, one of the highest return rates in North America and up from 85% in 2015. That significant accomplishment helps solidify Alberta’s reputation as a leader in beverage container recycling world-wide.

Other highlights contained in the 2016 Annual Report, released at the BCMB’s Annual General Meeting on June 21, include:
• The opening of two new depots - the Winterburn Bottle Depot in west Edmonton and the Walden Bottle Depot in southeast Calgary.
• A new Collection System Agent (CSA) Operating Agreement with the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation. The Agreement further defines the reporting, operational and performance standards for the CSA. It also clearly defines the relationship between and roles of the BCMB and the ABCRC, and sets a standard of excellence for both parties.
• A new Handling Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure By-law and the commencement of the Handling Commission Review. An agreement was reached in early 2017.
• Participation in further development of the Depot It’s Worth It brand, particularly by partnering with the ABCRC and the Alberta Bottle Depot Association (ABDA) to launch a new industry website – albertadepot.ca.
• Confirmation in a bi-annual review of beverage container reuse and recycling in Canada that Alberta has the lowest net cost to consumers (1.8 cents) when compared to four other jurisdictions with similar deposit-refund systems (Saskatchewan, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia). Net costs to consumers in the other four provinces are more than double that of Alberta.

For more details on the BCMB’s accomplishments in 2016 and to read the full 2016 Annual Report, click here.