BCMB Releases 2014 Annual Report

Posted on: June 10, 2015

The BCMB released its 2014 Annual Report at its Annual General Meeting today. Accomplishments for 2014 included:

  • record returns of over 2.1 billion beverage containers for recycling and a refund
  • a return rate of 83.3%
  • the further development and piloting of an online Quality Monitoring System to allow depot operators to effectively communicate with the collection system agent and collection service provider
  • the implementation of a survey management system to enable compliance officers to perform inspection electronically in the field
  • the introduction of a truck-based pilot program for compaction so containers can be collected and compacted by the collection system agent at the depot
  • by-law revisions to expand zoning criteria for depots in the City of Calgary

 For more information or to read the 2014 Annual Report, please click here.