Beverage Container Recycling System


As the system regulator, the BCMB works closely with the following stakeholders to ensure the collection and processing of beverage containers in Alberta: 

  • Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation – collection system agent for non-refillable containers
  • Alberta Bottle Depot Association – represents Alberta bottle depots
  • Collection service providers for refillable containers
  • Alberta Environment and Parks (formerly Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development)

Alberta has one of Canada’s largest networks of beverage container recycling depots. The beverage container recycling system includes 216 universal depots that accept all beverage containers and 16 Class D  (beer containers only) depots. 

The BCMB utilizes and maintains a database of more than 130,000 registered containers, including alcohol and non-alcohol beverage products. Most Albertans now recycle their beverage containers and the most popular method of doing so is through depots. The BCMB works with depots to ensure high levels of service and convenience for customers. Click here for a complete list of depots in Alberta or to find the depot nearest you.

Beverage manufacturers are responsible for post-consumption collection of their beverage containers in Alberta. Their containers are gathered from depots around Alberta by either the collection system agent – the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (non-refillable containers), or collection service providers (refillable containers).